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Recently I have seen quiet a number of people in my facebook timeline sharing photos of either the  Taiyaki(Japanese fish pancake) or Waffles that they have made for breakfast or tea snack. Without hesitate, I also Google to read more on the related recipes and I have found one which I think is pretty easy to follow. If you are interested to find out more on making your own Waffle, you can refer to the recipe post HERE.

Below are the two different types of Waffle Maker that I own.


There are many different design of stove top waffle makers (also known as waffle iron) which are ideal for creating deep-holed Belgian waffles for a special dessert. And recently I have bought a "four hearts" Clover Shaped Waffle Iron from one of the online spree which is quiet similar to my Taiyaki Pan as both can be used over at the stove top.
Price: S$35.00 each

For those who don't like to stand by the side of the stove and keep watching the heat of the pan like a hawk to prevent burning of your waffle, perhaps a modern electric waffle maker is a good investment for you. There are quiet a number of brands and size available in the department store depending on your budget. I bought the above from Carrefour a few years back which cost around S$19.90 at that time. But recently I saw another design(rectangle) available at Harvey Norman selling at a price of S$29.90.


Homemade Pandan Waffle


  1. Which website did u purchase ur taiyaki and waffles pan?


    1. Hi Lyn, I bough the Taiyaki pan from isetan. whereas the waffle maker i got it a few years back at Carrefour.

  2. this is what I have been looking for. my son is just 4months old. and now im searching all the food for him when he is ready for consuming all those food. because homemade food is the best. and I have seen your blog,a lot of good stuff. thank you very much

  3. Where did you buy the four clover shaped iron maker from? The one that is used on stove.


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