IKEA Kitchenwares - 365+ Pot Plus Stabil Accessories

IKEA always has a wide range of kitchen products such as cookwares, ovenwares, utensils, food storage and etc. And recently I have just got a set of this 365+ Pot(5 litre)boiling insert as well as steamer insert to replace my old soup pot in order to help me reduce the time in preparing quick and healthier meals within 30 minutes to an hour.


There are many different type of pots, saucepan and casserole available at the IKEA cookware section where you can take a look from their on-line category (HERE) before heading down to one of their outlets. This 365+ Pot comes in two different size such as 3 or 5 Litre both with lid cover.

The stainless steel lid on the 365+ Pot helps to reflect heat into the cookware which therefore brings the contents to the boil more quickly. Furthermore the steam vent on the lid cover also helps to reduce pressure so that food does not easily boil over.

Prices of the items are:-
~ 3 Litre 365+ Pot with Lid @ S$35.00
~ 5 Litre 365+ Pot with Lid @ S$39.00
~ Stabil Boiling Insert @ S$8.00

As for the "boiling insert" it helps to save time by separating two different type of vegetables such as broccoli and cauliflower where you can put one of those into the boiling and the other inside the pot. In this way, you get to boil two items without mixing them together due to the difference in cooking time. And also the detachable handle which still remains cool while cooking, makes it easy to move the insert half way through cooking.
Price: S$8.00  each

I personally dote this "Stabil Steamer Insert" which helps to save energy where I could use the same pot for both steam and boil food at the same time. For example you could refer to my recent post here on how I managed to simmer soup(below) and steamed egg(on top) using this steamer insert. For your information, this steamer insert can be used with most of the 4 - 5-litre pots and up to "three" inserts can be placed on top of one other in the same pot.
Price: S$13.90  each


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