Cordyceps Militaris aka 虫草子实体

Cordyceps Militaris (虫草子实体) is a parasitic ascomycetous mushroom that has long been used in Chinese medicine to treat Numerous illnesses, Promote longevity and Relieve exhaustion. As opposed to the wild ones, cordyceps militaris are artificially grown and yet they are similar to wild Chinese Cordyceps in terms of medicinal value. They are also rich in protein, zinc, vitamins A and E and microelements that are essential to human body.

Functions: It protects the Lungs, benefits the Kidney and also defy aging.

Helps: To relieve cough due to Lung-Asthenia; strengthen Yang and body essence.

Where To Buy: You can purchase this Cordyceps Militaris from local Chinese Medical Shop such as ZTP, Hock Hua Tonic(福華), and etc. It cost about S$6.00 - S$10.00 per packet which could be used for about 5 - 6 times serving 4 person each recipe.


Cordyceps Militaris Chicken Soup

Chicken, Mushroom And Cordyceps Militaris


  1. Can I use pork rib instead of chicken?


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