Monday, 28 February 2011

[New Bento Tools] Food Picks, Puncher, Cutter and Drawing Pen

Latest pop flowers and music notes food picks which you can pick up from any Daiso outlets that is near your area. This will come in handy if you are going to prepare some music related bento theme.

This is one of our Cuisine Paradise Fan Page(detail HERE) Christmas Giveaway gift set which consists of to"Food Drawing Pen and assorted Food Picks". I am not sure of the usage of the food pen as I didn't get to try it yet, but those food picks are definitely a keeper.

Gift set 2 consists of "Knife for food decoration and Smiley Face Nori Punchers". This V-shaped food knife is great for carving small objects and patterns. Whereas these nori punchers can help to decorate those plain rice balls or bread with cute facial expressions even if u do not have these complete set shown HERE.

This 3-in-1 mini "circle and oval" shapes food cutter wil be a great tools for cutting out mini circles to form eyes , nose or even create Polka dot designs on bento even if you don't have all these fancy cutters shown HERE.

These colourful assorted Cocktail Umbrellas will sure to turn your drinks into a topical paradise with extra add-on message and design. You can also use these 2” cocktail pick to decorate your bento or add colours to your fruit trays and etc.

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  1. Nice tools you have here! I am also into making bentos.


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