How To Shred And Grate Orange Rind

There mainly two major varieties of oranges such as Navels and Valencias. Navels are available from November through May, with peak supplies in January all the way to March. These oranges are big and easily spotted with the button formation opposite the stem end while compare to Valencia oranges that are small to medium sized.

If you like oranges I am sure you are aware of the Sunkist, Navels orange promotion that is available in most local supermarket where you can get big, juicy and sweet oranges at around S$3.25 for 5.

Sometime in certain recipes you might come across these words/phases appear beside the citrus fruits such as “rind of 1 lemon”, “grated rind”, “shred lemon/orange peel” or etc. And I have received a few comments asking on how to get grated rind and shreds peel so I think perhaps this little note might do some help. For those who is new in the kitchen, freshly grated zest is the coloured part of citrus fruit peel which adds extra fragrant and tangy taste to butter, cake, frosting, savory dishes or desserts. (Recipe of Orange Cinnamon Sorbet HERE)

The most common tool use for removing the zest from an orange or other citrus fruit is a Microplane grater(refer to the 2nd photo above on right) which comes in different sizes and design (click HERE for more samples) that is easy to use and produce fine result. But as for bigger shreds use as garnish, you can try a Vegetable Peeler/Shredder (refer to the 1st photo above on the left) to slice off thin strips. These tools come in handy and helps to take off the colored part of the peel easily without touching most of the white pith which is very bitter.


  1. Nice ideas on how to grate the oranges..Love it!

  2. When a recipe calls for shredding an orange is it just talking about the rind?

    1. Not if you're talking about making marmalade. You need to remove the juice and pips (keeping both) and then, finely slice the orange that's left (both, pith and peel). The bitterness is what makes marmalade wonderful. I only use Seville oranges which have lots of pips (makes the marmalade set) and are very bitter. Bon Appètit!


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