Monday, 2 February 2009

Assorted Bento Food Cutters I

Assorted Sausage/Wiener Cutters, this is a headache one. I had this very cute cutter that I can't seems to use it right. Whenever I wanted to cut the wiener using it, the result it always not good... either the wiener got stuck in the cutter or the outline is not visible :( I am also not sure what went wrong or is it the way I handle the products.

Alphabet Cheese & Vegetable Cutters , this mini alphabet cutter is great for making names in bento. I am sure the kid will love to see their name appear on it...... :)

Bear, Rabbit & Flower Cutter, this is very idea for making kid's sandwiches which you can use it to cut cheese, ham and bread. I used this to make a Jungle Bento for my dear son.

Bear & Rabbit Square Cutter Plates, other than the main characters on the plate, you can also see the assorted side design which allows you to cut stars, clouds, tiny circles and etc which is a great idea for decorating the bento.(click on the link to view the pic)......

Multi-purpose Decoration Cutters which is similar to the Facial Expression Cutter. It come in a set of 3 different design.

3 Rings Assorted Feature Expression Cutters, this is a gem for me.. hehe.. as it will allow you to cut different kinds of facial expression which allow the kid to choose what kind of design they prefer for their bento. I am sure this will come in handy when making facial expression other than using craft punchers.Posted by Picasa

This is my new collection of Multi-purpose Quail Eggs cutter which is use to decorate Quail Eggs. It come in a set of 2 cutters for making different kinds of farm animals and a simley face puncher. Like what shoppingmum has mention in her blogpost the smiley puncher seems to get stuck easily and it's quiet difficult to punch the nori with it. Hope I can also get hold of the mini caral smiley puncher soon... :) You can take a look at this Mother's Day bento on how we made the quail farm animals using this cutter.(update:02.05.09)

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  1. hi where did u get the facial expressions ring cutters from? thank you!


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