BOSCH MCM 4100 Food Processor

From my posts you would notice that I love to experiment with new Kitchen Gadget, tools, products and etc such as Happy Call PanTupperware, MasterFood Spices. In this post I would be share with you my new toy which is this  - BOSCH MCM4100 Food Processor. This food processor comes with multiple functions such as; juice blender, meat grinder, dough maker and other usage like making meringue, sorbet, mayonnaise and etc.

As you can see from the photo above, they also have a handy accessories drawer where you could keep those unused blades and  slicing discs in order to prevent them from being misplaced.

In order to maintain good condition for the blender, do not process deep-frozen ingredients except ice cubes.  And to attach/remove the blender always rotate the blender in a clockwise/anti-clockwise direction, and do not remove it by force.

Features of this food processor such as:-

~ 800W Motor
~ 2 Speed settings and pulse setting
~ Stainless steel chopping blade and plastic whisking disc
~ Plastic liquidiser attachment 1.25L
~ Plastic mixing bowl 500g
~ Stainless steel cutting disc inserts (thick and thin)
~ Stainless steel shredding disc inserts (coarse and fine)
~ Plastic carrier disc for inserts
~ Dough tool
~ Citrus press

The "Bowl" works well as a food processor, dough maker or whipping of egg whites and etc. It comes with a transparent bowl, lid, funnel and changeable blades and discs and slicing attachments.

These are some handy Slicing Attachments ranging from Coarse - Fine (left to right, shown above). The 1st and 2nd on the left can be used to slice cucumber, fries and carrots while the 3rd and 4th on the right can be use to grate apples, carrot, cheese and cabbages.

Above the Whipping disc, Carrier Disc for disc inserts, Citrus Press from left to right. All these would come in handy depending on what recipe you are working with. For me I find the Whipping disc is quite interesting and I would like to try using it to whip some egg whites/cream instead of my usual electric beater.

This food processor can also act as a Citrus Press for pressing the juice out of citrus fruits such as Oranges, Grapefruits, lemons and etc. In order to do it:-

1. Attach the bowl(arrow on bowl on dot on the appliance) and rotate as far as possible in clockwise direction.

2. Insert drive shaft into the bowl and attach the citrus press to the drive shaft and rotate in a clockwise direction. (The lug on the filter basket must be located fully in the slot in the bowl handle)

3.  To extract the juice, set the rotary switch to low speed and press the fruit onto the pressing cone.


ABC Detox Juice

Lemon Berry Tarts

Baked Lemon Cheesecake


Apple, Oat & Walnut Crumble Slice

Kiwifruit Tart

If you are interested to get one of this BOSCH MCM 4100 you could go to their “live” kitchen at Harvey Norman’s newly revamped Millenia Walk Flagship Store. (detail HERE). Indeed this machine is a great helper in modern kitchen.


  1. Thank you very much for your very interesting review of the Bosch food processor.

    All your blog is wonderful by the way. Your photos are beautiful and inspiring.

    All your recipes look so refined. They are fantastic !

    Congratulations !

    Claire, from France

  2. Hi Claire,

    Thanks for the kind words. Hope to see you around the posts again. Have a great week.

  3. Thank you ! ;o) Have a good week-end !


  4. hi Yulan here, would like to know is it good for making breads?

    1. Hi Yulan, Emmm for normal bread dough like pizza or pasta can but no those big quantity of bread dough.

  5. help!!! do you know how to use the juicer attachment on this?! after fiddling around for an hour i have one single drop of juice and am about to throw it out of the window (the food processer not the juice!) any help greatly appreciated!!!!! thnaks,

    1. Oh! You mean you wanted to blend fruit juice? If yes, perhaps you can refer to this post here :) Hope that help :)

  6. I want buy this BOSCH MCM 4100 Food Processor, where is I find discount ?

  7. Very gorgeous gadget I must say, but I have to reconsider as not good for bread dough ish ish~ Hope they have another similar version can work for bread dough, as this design is so cool!!!

    1. Yup Hoyoyi, this 1 can't do much on kneading the bread down. Just normal dough will do i guess.

  8. Hi this is the first time using it and trying to blend cooked ingredients for soup but it's spraying everywhere. I've tried putting less liquid in but it's still the same. i'm using the jug which I assume is correct. Everything is tightened up but the jug has two small slits at the top where the funnel goes and the funnel has a hole in it so it seems inevitable that it's not 'soup tight' !! Two and half hours now to try to make some soup. Aaaaaargh !

    1. Hi sueless,

      I am using the jug for blending fruit juice and soup but I don't encounter the problem that you mentioned. Did you use the normal cover for the jug which is suppose to be air-tight? Mb you can refer to my juice recipe above to check out how to use the function. HTH :)

  9. Hi Ellena,

    I am thinking about buying this gadget. I was wondering how many cups of flour it could take? Is the dough hook attachment any good at making pastry? Have you used it to make cakes? Also is the juicer attachment any good? Can it juice spinach?

    Thank you

    Ps: Love the blog and the fantastic photos! :)

  10. Hi Ellena

    I have had the Bosch MCM400 for the past three months and unfortunately am sill getting a little frustrated with the lack of instructions - just diagrams. I have been using the processor bowl to process icing sugar and grounds almonds in preperation for making macaroonss. However the icing sugar keeps sinking to the bottom of the bowl and forms a solid mass at the bottom of the bowl. Any suggestions.

  11. An old post, I know, but hopefully Ellena you can help me out.

    Does the MCM400 do decent size chips or just the French Fries. Don't like French Fries
    Have you ever tried whipping egg whites with it? Is it suitable for merignes?
    Finally while the MCM400 comes with plenty of gadgets are there any other fittings either from Bosch or for independants which might make life easier. I'm thinking of the like of a whisk which I think I've seen in other Bosch Food Processors.

    Keep up the good work


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