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Winnie The Pooh Kitchen Utensils Collection Part I

In order to add these Pooh Bakeware to my collection. I must sincerely give my Thanks for one of my dear friend Julia. I must thanks her and her husband for taking the effort to help us source for the Pooh Series Bakeware and sent them to us all the way from Japan. Reyon and I really appreciate it and your effort really bring Big and Warm smiles to this little fan of Pooh. Thank you so much, my dear friend. I am sure all these cutters and bakeware will bring a lot of innovative ideas to Reyon's meal.

This is the Pooh Bread Cutter which can used to make a palm size sandwich for either kid or adult. It's so cute and adorable that you won't bear to eat the sandwich that you made. I had used this cutter to make a cute Pooh Sandwich for Reyon on one of his breakfast. Eg: Reyon's Pooh Breakfast

I struggle a long time to select either this Pooh Ring Mould or a Pooh Pancake Mould. Actually these two serve similar purposed but great different in prices so after much consideration, I choose the Pooh Ring Mould instead which can be act as a cutter or mould to make bread of pancake. Em... do you wan to have a plate of these Pooh Pancake for Breakfast or snack?

Finally I got a set of this 3D Pooh Cookie Cutter which I am going to use it to make some cookie for Reyon's class during Teacher's Day or Children's Day celebration. And I am sure everyone of them will be delighted to received something so cute like this.

This is a vegetable cutter, which u can cut shapes of Pooh's vegetable like carrot or radish to decorate the bento set or etc. But other than a vegetable cutters, I do see people use it a a cookie cutter or whatever usage that you can think of.

I also got a set of Pooh Silicon Cake Mould this which I thought of using it to make either sponge cake, jelly, mooncake or even act as sushi rice mould. Actually there are a lot of ways to use each item for as long as you can create something out of it. Posted by Picasa

These are the Pooh & Tigger and Pooh & Piglet Disney Cookie Cutter Sets. They come in a set of two which you can get it from BHG Bugis in Singapore. But they are always out of stock due to the high demand. You can make use of these cutters to do many creative items such as Cookies, Pooh Sandwiches, Snowskin Mooncake or etc....


  1. Very nice collections of pooh bakeware you have got! I am a big fan of ah Pooh ;)

  2. Thank you...Homebaker.... Reyon and I are also BIG BIG BIG Fan of POOH... We have a lot of collection of POOH from clothes, stationaries, books and etc to these recent utensil sets.... :)

  3. Hi Ellena, these pooh bakewares are so so so nice.. The sandwich cutter can get in S'pore? Or Japan only?
    Happen to find your blog when looking for pak tong koh recipe.. I have visited Florence's blog from the link you provided...
    You all have got a great blog.. keep it up..
    For me, I am too lazy to update it.. Haha.. A working mom is too busy, exp when my husband is always overseas.. :)
    Ya, I have tried the pak-tong-koh.. the kueh is very nice.. Thanks..

  4. Hi Mayyee,

    Thanks for dropping by and thanks for your kind comments. You can get all these Pooh bakeware in Singapore now :) The store is located in Chinatown point. It called Kai Kai @ 6535 3809 to check for more details if you are staying in singapore.

    I am also a full-time working mum but then since my boy is a great great Pooh fan... No choice la..have to be more hardworking abit :)

  5. Thanks ladies for sharing.

    Definitely your collection really enhanced the look of the food you prepared.

    I was longing to own a set of the Pooh bakewares and really envy those who own one of them. I would definitely drop by to Kai Kai at Chinatown point w/o fail, now that it's available in S'pore.

  6. Last night i found the Pooh & Tigger, chipmonk, mickey & Minnie, cat face etc ... cutter (not alot of variety at least is available here) Plaza Sin carrefour. I'm very happy managed to grab hold of my long awaited Pooh & Tigger cutter :)

  7. How much were these cookie cutters at BHG?

  8. Hi Katie,

    I think is around $8.90 or so.... u can go take a look :)

  9. Hi Ellena,

    Are these Pooh utensils still available in Chinatown Point? Do you know of other places in Sg that sell such utensils?


  10. Dear Ellena,

    I am referring to the Pooh Ring Mould which you have posted. May I know what is the function of that metal bar that is on the "nose" of Pooh's face?

  11. Dear Ellena,

    I see a metal bar that ends near the "nose" of Pooh's face (referring to the Pooh Ring Mould you posted above). May I know what is the function of that metal?

    God Bless

  12. Ellena, can you give me information where to buy bakeware, chocolate moulds, jelly moulds in Singapore.


  13. Hi Christine,

    You can get bakeware and etc from Phoon Huat which has many branches in Singapore, or Tott, Shermay Cooking School, Sunlit and etc.

  14. Hi

    Thanks for sharing the bento creation, they are very nice! May I know where do you get those cutters and moulds especially the phoon and hello kitty cutters.

    Thanks again!



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