[Review] WMF KITCHENminis Steamer - 福腾宝电蒸锅

Steaming foods help to preserves the original flavour and retain its natural nutrients which in a way cook healthier oil free dishes. Here I am excited to review this new WMF KITCHENminis Steamer which made with rust resistant Cromargan stainless steel 18/10 and is BPA-free.

WMF KITCHENminis Steamer retailing at SG$249 comes with a 900w power and capacity size of TWO 2.15-Litres layers of space that enable you to cook a full meal in minutes with user-friendly touch screen menu and buttons.

One advantage of this steamer is the two separate cooking compartments can be controlled individually with different cooking time and function. In this way all the dishes can be prepared at the same time on different layer but the actual cooking process only starts later, depending on the setting.

* 2 layers of adjustable cooking compartment made of Cromargan with 2.15L capacity
* Flexible Cooking Area Divider
* Water reservoir with 1.1L capacity
* High quality shock resistant glass lid
* Steam pipe is place in the lower collection tray in order to support the top layer cooking compartment
* Cromargan bowl for preparing rice, pasta, soup or marinated/seasoned food
* 2 layers of water collection tray to prevent water droplets drip into the bottom layer food

* Selection button to adjust the timing and cooking method
* LCD screen with intuitive preset cooking programmes
* Adjustable cooking times and memory function
* External water indicator to monitor your water top
* Keep warm function lasts for 40 minutes


- The steamer will automatically switch off after cooking is completed with a few beeping alert so at this point you can can press the "start button" again within 3 seconds to activate the keep warm function. .

- You can stop cooking process at any time by pressing the "on/off" button and the device will switch off.

To prevent the handles from becoming too hot to touch always remember to insert the "steam locks" into the two handles on the sides of the water tank. Remove them only at the end so that the remaining water can be emptied using the handles.

AVOID touching the outer surface of the Cromargan cooking compartment during/after cooking time because the steamed or heat might scald your fingers.

Before steaming, fill the water tank at the base with cold water either directly or through the side handles of the lower collection tray shown above. Make sure the water level is no higher than the max marker and once filled till max it can last at least 60 minutes of steaming time.

Overall I find this new BPA-free steamer quite a space and energy saving kitchen appliance because you can easily prepared meals such as breakfast or dinner with vegetable, meat, fish, grains, soup or even steamed cake from scatch all-in-one appliance.

The cooking functions are very simple and straightforward so all you need is to choose the setting according to your ingredients or serving portion. Once you get familiar with its function you can even preset your "favourite" recipe timing for next cooking.

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*Disclosure: I was given a set of the new WMF KITCEHNminis Steamer from WMF Singapore for this review purpose but all opinions expressed in this post are of my own and there is no monetary compensation received.

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