[review] Philips Deluxe Collection Multicooker (HD 2145) - 飞利浦智慧万用锅

Have being thinking to get an electric pressure cooker since nowadays it is a growing trend for most household where home maker can reduce time spent in the kitchen and yet still able to prepare delicious meal for the family.

Fortunately just not long ago I received this new Philips Deluxe Collection Multicooker (飞利浦智慧万用锅 ) as a review set from Philips (Singapore) which I am excited to test out a few of its functions and create some effortless meals under 30 minutes time.

Above is a short clip on the Philips Deluxe Collection Multicooker retailing at SG$369 that comes with a power between 910W - 1090W (depends on the selected cooking method) and capacity size of 6.0L. With its user-friendly touch screen digital control panel, everyone at home including kids can help up to prepare quick and quality meals that is that up to 6 times faster with just a few touch on the buttons.

This all-in-one cooker has two main functions such as; multi cook and pressure cook. Beside the two functions the cooker also comes in 18 pre-set cooking programs for your convenience and furthermore it can also sears, sautes, thicken sauces, make yogurt and keeps your cooked meals warm after the cooking process completed.


- You can save up to 3 customized cooking programs, so by pressing the shortcut button you will be able to repeat your favourite dishes easily.

- There is a 24 hours easy-to-program preset timer and 12 hour automatic keep warm function help to ensure meals are hot and ready on time.

For your reference to enable a smooth and safety cooking process please do not fill the inner pot with food and liquid less or more than the minimum/maximum water level indication. As for rice cooking, follow the water level indications on the inner pot or you can adjust the water level for different type of grains used according to your preference.

For example: Brown or red rice, nuts and beans might require slightly more water since they might expand during cooking.

Besides the main unit, there are a few included accessories such as steaming plate for the "steam" function, measuring cup, rice & soup ladle as well as recipe book and user manual.

During cooking process you might hear some whizzing sounds because steam will be released intermittently from the "steam valve" during cooking to enable optimal airflow and cooking result. Pressure will be released automatically after cooking process ended so you do not need to discharge the pressure manually. All you need is just to wait for the timer to count down to "zero" and alert of beeping sounds before you "unlock" the lid.

Cleaning and maintaining of the cooker is important for hygiene and food safety purpose so make sure the cooker has cooled down sufficiently before handling it. To clean the Inner Lid, unscrew the "cap nuts" located at the center around the temperature controller then hold the detachable inner lid and pull it outwards to remove from the top lid.

You can either soak the lid in hot water and clean with sponge or put it in dishwasher. Steam valve, floating valve and sealing ring can be rinse under wash to remove any food residue that is stuck in it.

Alternatively, you can also add water to the pot and start with "steam" function to help with the cleaning process.

Overall I find this all-in-one cooker makes cooking for the family simple and straightforward. Once you get yourself familiar with its function you can easily adjust the setting, timing and pressure to suit your recipes. Now I can enjoy a bowl of hearty soup, casserole or stew in about 30 minutes time without standing near the stove to keep checking on the heat and water level.

To begin your cooking journey with the cooker, there is a recipe book included featuring recipes such as curry, beef ribs, tomato soup, risotto, strawberry jam, sponge cake and etc.

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*Disclosure: I was given a set of the new Philips Deluxe Collection Multicooker from Philips Singapore for this review purpose but all opinions expressed in this post are of my own and there is no monetary compensation received.

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