Bosch MSM67160 ErgoMixx Hand Blender

Recently I have added another Bosch product; the Bosch MSM 67160 ErgoMixx Hand Blender into my kitchen gadget list. This new kitchenware comes with comfort non-slip hand grip and large buttons that are easy to reach and operate. Furthermore with its aim to ease users in preparing their food, this blender comes with a 12 different speed settings, stainless steel QuattroBlade blender foot, XL chopper as well as a stainless steel balloon whisk.

For your information, this 750 watts multi purpose hand blender is available at all leading electrical and departmental stores at a retail price of SG$159.00. In this post, I will share a quick review of this hand blender plus some recipes which I test out using the three attachments.

To begin; one of the main features of the ErgoMixx Hand Blender is their soft touch handle which fits well in both men and women's hand where they can hold it comfortably and gain good control while working with it. Moreover this 750 watts blender also comes with 12 different speed settings that allows user to prepare various types of food (from soft to solid) in a quick and handy method.

And you can see from the above, the design of the blender also comes with Extra-large buttons for easy operation as well as a turbo button for maximum power too.

[Bosch MSM6 ErgoMixx Hand Blender] Eject Mechanism
The "Eject Mechanism" buttons are located at the lower end near the base of the motor where you can easily remove the stainless steel blender foot and replaced it with either the chopper or stainless steel balloon whisk attachment according to the recipe that you are working with.

To assemble the blender foot, chopper or balloon whisk, all your need to do is to insert the chosen attachment below the base of the motor show in the above photo and you will hear a "click-in" sound which locks the attachment in position.

The stainless steel blender foot is suitable for blending mayonnaise, sauces, smoothies, baby food (such as cooked fruits and vegetables) which makes it great for puree or even western cream soup that can be done within seconds or minutes.

[Bosch MSM6 ErgoMixx Hand Blender] Stainless steel QuattroBlade (four-blade knife)
The blender foot works better if there is some liquid in the ingredients and it is always recommended to start off with low speed like "Speed 2 - 4" for processing liquid or hot food (recommended to cool soup down for 2 - 3 minutes before blending) whereas for more solid food, you can start with high speed from "Speed 8" onwards.

Above is a "Beetroot And Potato Soup" which I make using the blender foot attachment and I am pretty satisfy with the end-result that shows a finishing smooth texture in less than 2 minutes.

[Bosch MSM6 ErgoMixx Hand Blender] XL chopper with removable stainless steel blades
If you need to process meat or nuts in small quantity, Bosch MSM67160 ErgoMixx Hand Blender also includes a XL Chopper with removable stainless steel blades and lid. This unit comes in handy to assistant in cutting meat (minced meat), hard cheese, onion, herbs, garlic, nuts and etc within seconds to minutes.

When using the chopper, place the blade sitting straight in the container, spoon in the ingredients and put on the attachment cover lid. Next place the base unit on the attachment and lock into position before switching on the blender.

[Bosch MSM6 ErgoMixx Hand Blender] Non-Slip Base
On a bonus point, the chopper also comes with a non-slip base container which helps to secure it in position without much moment when processing the food. 

Above shows the minced chicken (about 150g) which I process using the chopper function of the hand blender to make Sesame Chicken Meatballs. Likewise the texture of the minced meat is controllable by the processing time and speed according to individual preference. The above was done in less than 1 minute using Speed 8 - 10.

- In order to mince the meat evenly without lumpy chunk, diced meat into about 1" cube before adding into the chopper. As for nuts, try to keep it in small quantity without range of 100g.  

[Bosch MSM6 ErgoMixx Hand Blender] Stainless steel balloon whisk attachment
The third attachment is this Stainless Steel Balloon Whisk which is a great helper when you need to whisk 1 - 2 eggs for making breakfast or tea snacks like muffin, pancake or souffle for a small family or when there is surprise guest(s) popping for afternoon tea.

With the provided tall beaker and balloon whisk, I can easily whisk up one egg white effortless without hurting my hand muscle (using hand whisk) or the hassle of bring out the electric hand beater. And from the photo, you can see that the stiff egg white looks just as good as those whisked using electric beater.


With the help of my new Bosch MSM6 ErgoMixx Hand Blender I have prepared some dishes above and I just simply adore it with it's comfort handle, easy to clean and wash attachments plus it speed up my time spent in the kitchen prepare meal that requires blend, chop and whisk.

Beetroot And Potato Soup

Sesame Chicken Meatballs

Pumpkin And Sweetcorn Pancake

Chocolate Banana Tofu Mousse

Mango Sago with Pomelo

Other then the recipes shown above, you can also read up more about this useful hand blender from Bosch ErgoMixx product page @

*All opinions expressed in this post are my own and there is no monetary compensation received.


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