Pickled Cherry Blossom and Saukura Leave Powder

I am always fascinated with the Japanese Cherry Blossoms (樱花) which is also known as Sakura which blooms during the season in from late March till early May but peak in April. Since centuries ago, Cherry blossoms are  pickled to preserve for occasions whereby they are soaked in Ume plum vinegar to preserve it's pink color and then pickled in salt.

This pickled method has been developed over the generations to make the unique flavor of cherry blossoms throughout the whole year. Most Japanese used Salt Pickled Cherry Blossoms (盐渍樱花) to make Sakura tea which is served on special occasions such as weddings. Or add them into rice and cooked together to create a beautiful and aromatic cherry blossom rice .

Soak the pickled cherry blossom in water for about 10 - 15 minutes to remove the salty taste before using.

Other than the Cherry Blossom flowers, their leaf could be used to make into powder too. This Sakura Leaf Powder (樱花叶粉) can be use in many ways similar to matcha/cocoa powder such as:- add it in cookie' dough, cakes batter or use as decoration on cakes and other desserts to enhance the taste and fragrance.

Going to explore more recipes using these two items soon. So do stay tune over at our recipe site for more update on sweet/savoury dishes using Cherry Blossom. Between you could purchase these lovely pickled cherry blossoms like what shown above from Nihon Ichiban website here as they do provide international delivery services.


Matcha Cherry Blossom Chiffon

Steamed Sakura Chicken with Choya

Cherry Blossom Mantou

Matcha Azuki Bun with Salted Cherry Blossom


  1. Hi Ellena, so sorry to bother you. may i know where did you get the pickled sakura? I have been hunting around for it many days. many thanks for your sharing.

    Kind regards, Janet Yeo


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