Durian - 榴莲

Since early June you can notice the "harvesting" season of Durian is flooding into Singapore where you can easily see these "spiky" green thorns fruit everywhere in the HDB market area or some local supermarkets fruit section (fruits remove from shells and tightly sealed). And for most of us, it is either you love or hate this fruit due to it's strong odour where some said it is fragrant while others might find it distinguishing.

From the photo(s) you can see that Durian's shape ranges from oblong to round and the colour of its husk is either green to brown with its flesh pale to darker yellow depending on the species. There are many species around and the most common and popular few in Singapore are "D24", "XO", "Mao Shan Wang", "Red Prawn" and etc (which is on the higher price range that goes by weight). Or you can choose those "Kampong Durian (甘榜榴莲)" which price as low as "S$0.50 - S$1.00" (smaller in size) each Durian.

Other than eating Durian on it's own, it can also be used to make dessert, cake, pastry and even as one of the ingredient for cooking. Below are some of my Durian recipes which I would like to share with you. 


Durian Butter Cake

Durian Pan Cake

Durian Steamed Cake

Steamed Durian Egg Custard

Durian Sago

Eggless Durian Tiramisu

Durian Fried Rice

Durian Chicken Soup

Durian Sticky Rice

Durian Chiffon Cake

Durian On Baguette

Green Bean Durian Soup


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