Fresh Lily Bulbs (鲜百合)

Lily bulbs taste slightly sweet and is slightly Cold in nature. It benefits the Lungs and Heart as well as nourishes the Lungs, stops cough and calms the nerves. It has certain effects on cough and helps with anxiety and insomnia. Lily Bulbs are rich in proteins, phosphorous and carbohydrates which is one of the good body tonifying and nerve calming Chinese medicine for those suffering from cough due to coldness and loose stools should not eat.

Fresh Lily bulbs are rich in glucose that promotes digestion and they are commonly used in cooking and desserts. You can purchase Fresh Lily Bulbs at most local supermarkets near the vegetable chiller section. Choose those with white and clean bulbs which can last for at least a week in the fridge.  Price: S$2.20 - S$2.50 per packet

Some of the RECIPES featuring Lily Bulbs:-

OR click HERE for more recipes.


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