Bread Cutter and Mould

These are my collection of Sandwich Sealer and Cutter which I bought it either online or at Daiso. These tools will come in handy if you are making some cute sandwiches for kids party to impress your little guests apart from the usual triangle shape sandwiches.

This is a New square sandwich sealer which I bought from Daiso to add on to our bread sealer/cutter collections.  In order to cut a prefer shaped out from the sealer, you have to purhcase those bread which is slightly bigger than the usual one so that it will fixed well on the cutter. You can see an example on how I use this cutter to make a Bread Pockets Bento Set, HERE. [Update On: 18 April 2011]

I bought this Sandwich Sealer from CP @ bentomarket. But in order to use it correctly you have to find the right size of bread and you can't put too much filling between the two slices of bread or else you won't be able to seal it properly.

Got this new 4-in-1 Transportation Sandwich Cutter from Daiso too. It comes with two different design which is in blue(transports) and pink(animals). But Rey only prefers the Blue one, so we didn't get the pink one to add in our collection.

Can't resists to get this new design bread cutter from Daiso with tulip and heart shape included.

Found this 4-in-1 design Bread Cutter at Carrefour today. Furthermore it was on 10% discount so I got it at a much lower price.... :) (update:21.03.09)


  1. wow ellena! I'm very impressed with your collection of moulds and kitchen knick-knacks! A true blue collector!

    can't wait to see your creations you'll make using these new ones!

  2. Very nice blog.
    I love the bread sealer and sandwich cutter..very nice. Too bad my place here don't have Daiso.

  3. I am looking for the normal square ones that you had. where can you get that in singapore?


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