Five Spice Powder And Cooking Spices

 Five Spice Powder - 五香粉 is one of the Asian commonly use spice in some of their cuisine such as "Braised Duck - 卤鸭", "Ngoh Hiang - 五香", "Braised Pork Belly - 卤肉" and etc. It consists five basic flavours of Chinese cooking like - sweet, sour, bitter, pungent, and salty. The ingredients use for the five spice powder are :- Peppercorns, Star anise pods, Clove, Cinnamon and Fennel which are grind together as powder that use as seasoning for the dish.

Another type of dried cooking spices which is suitable for braising duck, pork belly and etc. It consists of Cinnamon Stick (桂皮), Star Anise (八角), Green Cardamon (豆蔻) and Clove (丁香). Some packaging might include Fennel Seed (小茴香) or black peppercorns in it too. You can find this pre-packed cooking spices at most provision shops or supermarkets.


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