Assorted Miniature Liquor

For those who loves to bake or make desserts you might have come across these familiar liqueur shown above like: Grand Mariner, Tia Maria, Kahlua and etc. Each liqueur had their special fragrant and taste which can be used in different bakes and desserts. For example: Kahlua is usually used in making Tiramisu because of it's strong coffee fragrant while Grand Mariner is used for making Orange Souffle, Orange Cake or anything that had needs a lift of orange flavour.

You can easily get a bottle of these flavoured liquor in leading supermarket or Airport Duty Free Shop which cost much cheaper. But for those who are interested in getting miniature liqueur shown above, you can go to Isetan at Shaw Centre (supermarket level which is beside the bakery). The price range from $6 - $8 depending on the type of liqueur.


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