Saturday, 19 February 2011

Lotus Seeds (莲子)

Lotus Seeds(莲子)are actually nuts from the lotus plant that are commonly found in Asia. The typical lotus seed is small, round and slightly white in appearance that is usually sold in dried and pre-packaged. The most common use of the seed is in the form of a paste for making moon cakes and bun or sometime they are found as one of the ingredients in Asian dessert or soup.

It is believed that when using lotus seeds to cook soups, congee or dessert, it actually act as a cooling tonic that "clears heat" according to the Chinese Physician. being sweet and neutral, they have been known to tonify the spleen, reinforce the kidneys and nourish the blood too. But within the seed lies a "green sprout" that is quite bitter and it is usually removed when lotus seeds are use in sweet dessert.

For more usage of these Lotus Seeds, you can refer to the followig link HERE for more recipe ideas.

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  1. Hi Ellena! thanks for the writeup on lotus seeds. I love 'em as 莲子羹 which has a somewhat tao suan consistency but uses sweetened lotus seeds instead of mung bean halves! serious addictive!


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