Saturday, 28 February 2009

Cooking With Fruits

Cooking and Baking using fresh fruit is always one of my hobby. I love to use different kinds of fresh fruits in my cooking. These are some of the example of fruits that I have tried and use in my cooking and baking before.

October Sun Plum is large and golden yellow in color, the flesh is also yellow, very juicy, and mild taste.

The actual name of this fruit is called "Mayounchit" in Thailand according to one of my blog pal in Bangkok. But then in Singapore some of the fruit stall called it Thai Mini Mango too. To me it taste and smell sort of like mango and it taste either sweet or sour depending on the one you choose. Posted by Picasa

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Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Wishing List - Disney Craft Puncher

Saw these cute Disney Craft Puncher from one of the Japanese Craft website. How I wish I can get the Pooh and Mickey puncher in Singapore too.... :)

Saturday, 21 February 2009

Tomica Bento Tools

This Tomica Lunchbox is one of another Reyon's favourite lunchbox which I have just bought it as his Birthday Present. Eg. Bear Bread & Bear Hamroll.

Other than the above tomica design lunchbox, there is another 1 which is slightly smaller which is blue in colour and come with a transparent cover.

These small Tomica design sauce container come in a set of 2 different size which is great for container sauce for packinig bento. Posted by Picasa

Tomica design small Vegetables and Fruit cutter come in a set of 2 different design.

A set of 2 multi-purpose tomica design ring cutter.

Mickey Mouse Bento Tools

Bought this new set of Mickey Mouse ham and cheese cutter and immediately I give it a try on making a Mickey Mouse Bento for my dear son. Eg. Mickey Mouse Bento

Two face Mickey Mouse design Mini Fruit and Vegetables cutter.

This is a mini Mickey Furikake Case, you can also use it for pepper, salt or other baking sprinkler. It came with a small funnel to refill the bottle.

Mickey 2-in-1 Furikake Stencils which come with a plastic spoon.

Mickey Mouse Disney Cookie cutter come in a set of two different design. Posted by Picasa

Collection Of Bento Boxes II

This cute Elmo Lunchbox add on to our collection of bento box series....... Rey is so happy to see his favourite cartoon and game character. (update: 14.04.09)

Had being looking for this Shinkansen Lunchbox for quite sometime. Thank God, today I managed to get it at one of my favourite shop which don't carry this item before when I enquired sometime ago. Rey is thrill when he sees this :) (update: 01 April 2009)

This Tomica Lunchbox is one of another Reyon's favourite lunchbox which I have just bought it as his Birthday Present. Eg. Bear Bread & Bear Hamroll.

Other than the above tomica design lunchbox, there is another 1 which is slightly smaller which is blue in colour and come with a transparent cover.

Two layer rectangle kid's size bento which is great to pack meal or fruits in two separate container.

This rectangle kid's size box is great for packing small portion of kid's meal. Eg. Stamp Bread Bento

Same size as the above but is in pink and strawberry design. Eg. Spot the hearts Bento.

A small square box which is good for packing fruits or cookies for tea-time snack. (update: 29 march 2009)

This lunchbox is slight bigger then the blue and pink one above. This is about 480ml compare to the above which is only 340ml. It come in two different colour which is yellow and light green.

Lastly, there is another Pooh Head Print transparent lunchbox which is similar to Reyon's Favourite Lunchbox which I specially bought from him to put his tea-break snack to school. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Assorted Bento Rice Mould/Cutter

Assorted Design of Rabbit, Heart and Bear bread cutter which can use to make clear and nice prints on the bread or use it as food mould. (update: 15.05.09)

This Assorted Furikake Frame & Cutter will be very useful if you wish to make colourful and detail rice bento for kid. It has two layer of divider which allows you to either cut food or serve as a ring mould for layer of bento decoration.

Zoo Animal Sushi Mould or Food Cutter. You can use this to mould cute little rice sushi for kids or use it as a cutter for stamping bread.

Fish, Pig and Bear Food Mould. This can be used to mould into cute onigiri for kid.

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Assorted Cookie Cutters II

I purposly bought this 2-in-1 zigzag heart shape cutter with intention to make some "Stained glass candy" for Valentine's Day but in the end I was too occupied with other things. (update: 24.02.2011)

After seeing ShoppingmumAdd Image's Dino Bento, Rey also wants this set of Dinosaur Cookie Cutter which we saw at Vivo City Daiso. (update: 01.05.09)

Cat and Fish metal cutter that I bought from Daiso. My dear son has already come out a theme for me to make a bento using these cutter..... :)

I find this cutter rather simple and I have no idea of what to use it for, until my son ask me to use it to make the stamp frame..... then I decided to get a set of this. And this is what we come out a bento with: Stamp Bread.

2 in 1 Zigzag Triangle Cutter

Assorted food cutter(mini - med size), I have use the mini fish cutter to cut out fishes for my Seafood Noodle bento.

This is another set of Mini Cutter which had the Bear, Heart and Star design.

Got this 3-in-1 Assorted Flower design cutter but still wondering what can to do with it. (update: 01.05.09)

Actually I bought this box of Assorted Ginger Bread man Cutters is for making mini Ginger Bread man cookies during Christmas period, but in the end it is still in the pantry........

Medium Size Cake Ring Mould/Cutter

This Snowflake Ring Mould/Cutter is great for making snowflake cookies during Christmas festive season as gifts.

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Assorted Craft Or Seaweed Punchers

Saw this cute mini craft puncher at IMM Daiso. It's idea for using as a craft design or to punch seaweed for bento usage. (updated: 19 September 2009)

These 6 different Smiley Punchers is directly from Japan when one of my friend brought it back to me during her visit to Singapore. These puncher are slightly bigger in size than those that I bought from local bookstore. This is mainly seaweed puncher which use to decorate bigger items.

These are the small and mini size of the Carla Craft Punches that I bought from Popular Bookstore. Actually they have about 3 different sizes but I only bought the the mini craft punchers which I use to it to punch nori sheet to decorate the feature expression of the small animals or items in the bento. Eg. Bearish Bread.

Another two new design of mini craft puncher that is added to my collection. (updated: 27 June 2009)

Today I saw this new series of craft puncher from Daiso. They only left about 4 design on the shelf. After choosing for sometime, we decided to take these two which is the cloves and cat design.

Craft Puncher from Daiso through one of my blog pal. Thank Irene for spotting these nori cutter for me to add one to my bento accessories collection :p According to her, there are about 6 - 7 different design, but I only choose these 3 out of those........(updated: 05 September 2008)Posted by Picasa