Sunday, 1 February 2009

Baking Utensils II

This type of durable silicon cups can use for either baking or food placement. I saw Amy from Motheringcorner always use it to put rice ball or bread for her kids. (click here for sample of her post) (update: 18.07.09)

Saw these new Silicon Moulds from Daiso last Saturday, so I just grab and add them into my collection. They come in 3 assorted designs: star, heart and flower shapes. I got the 2 small moulds in one set type instead of a medium mould by itself. These are great for making individual portion of cake, pudding or dessert.

Mini Silicon Bandit Moulds

Assorted Medium Silicon Bandit Mould. I have use it a few time before and the end-result for the bake is pretty good. One of the sample is from the Chocolate Mint Cake. (click here for recipe link)

Easter Design Paper Case

Assorted Design and Size Paper Case

These are some of Reyon's Favourite cup cases. Usually you can either use them for baking muffins or as a food holder inside the bento box. Eg. Pooh Bento Set.

This is a very useful disposal baking case for either making cake, bread or baked pasta or rice. I have made use of this to make small portion of Baked Pasta for lunch. (click here to read more)

Assorted Design Paper Cake Stencils to decorate the cake with icing sugar or cocoa power. Posted by Picasa

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