Friday, 21 November 2008

Winnie The Pooh Kitchen Utensils Collection Part III

These are our latest Winnie The Pooh collections which we have it our early Christmas Gifts. Most of our friends knew that both Me and Reyon are great Pooh's Fan so they will actually bring back or sent us any new Pooh products if they happen to see them. These few items really come in handy for me to prepare more Pooh goodies for Reyon.

Dual Mini Pooh Mayonnaise Container. This item come in two sizes which is in 10ml and 15ml pooh head print design continer for mayonnaise or other dipping sauce with a spoon attached.

Next is the mini Pooh Seaweed Shaker/Pooh Furikake Case, you can also use it for pepper, salt or other baking sprinkler. It came with a small funnel to refill the bottle.

Dual Pooh Sushi Stamp which comes with two design of mini sushi moulds which enable you to make to Pooh Head design sushi. One is to shape the rice into pooh head design, while the other is to stuff filling inside the rice.

Assorted Pooh Face Egg and Vegetables bento stencils. It came in a set of 2 with a stencil that has two Pooh face design and another one with Pooh features and piglet.

Lastly, there is another Pooh Head Print transparent lunchbox which is similar to Reyon's Favourite Lunchbox which I specially bought from him to put his tea-break snack to school.Posted by Picasa

This is the Winnie The Pooh, Ziglock Bag that Amy, my blog pal from Motheringcorner specially bought and sent it to us all the way from Bangkok. Thank you so much pal, we really appreciate it. (update: 17.07.09)


  1. I stumbled upon your blog when looking for cute lunch boxes for my kids. Wow, I really like your Pooh's collection, I still don't have the Assorted Pooh Face Egg and Vegetables molds. It's not easy to get these things in Bangkok.

  2. Hy

    My favourite is Winnie the Pooh

  3. Hi Ellena,
    The Pooh Seaweed Shaker/Pooh Furikake Case is really nice. MAy i know where can i buy it from ?

  4. Hi Eliz, I got it from one of the shop in Chinatown point sometime they have the stock coming in sometime don't... u can email me for more details. :)

  5. Hi Ellena,

    Are you selling these bento and kitchen utensils collection? If yes, I wish to place some orders.

    I am from Australia and find it hard to get them here. It is amazing to see these cute items so commonly found in Singapore.

    Mother of 2

  6. How Winnie the Pooh got his name...

  7. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  8. Hi Ellena,

    May I know where did you get Pooh Head Print transparent lunchbox


    Pooh Bento( from?

    Want to buy for my gf before she fly off. :]


  9. Hi KH,

    If you are from Singapore, you can go to this shop called KAIKAI Gift Shop at lvl, Chinatown point. U can call for enquiry @ 6535 3809.


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