Monday, 3 November 2008

Assorted Hard-boiled Egg Moulds

This little cute Winnie The Pooh Face Egg Mould is a must to add into my Pooh Collection because Reyon loves to eat hard-boiled egg and I am sure this Pooh shape egg mould will definitely catch his attention on the Pooh Shape Egg during his meal time. You can make your egg look like a cutie Winnie The Pooh Face with this mould.

Cooking Instruction:
1. Hard boil a large-sized egg and peel off the shell while the egg is still hot.
2. Put the egg inside the mould.
3. Lock the mould and put it in the cold water.
4. After 10 minutes, you can enjoy an extremely cute boiled egg with Winnie The Pooh Face.

These are some of the gifts from my friends which added on to my collection. Reyon loves the Kitty Sushi Rice Mould as well as the Egg Moulds which he always request them to be used whenever he wanted to eat Sushi. These moulds are very useful as you can used them to make Snow Skin Mooncakes as well....... :)

These are cute little mould for shaping Hard-Boiled Egg. I got the 1st four on the left from a forum spree while the start and heart shape mould from Daiso. These moulds can be used a sushi rice mould or snow skin mooncake mould too. Eg: Sample picture of the shaped hard-boiled egg.

Got this mini quail eggs mould from my Japan friend. It come in a set of two different design which can produce very cute design face from the quail eggs.


  1. Hi, Ellena

    You really got lots and lots of lovely and cute food utensils for cakes, cookies, sushi, puddings and even eggs. So evey. I have to take a look at Daiso later this week and see what I can grab. Hello Kitty egg mould really caught my eyes, blink blink ^o^

  2. Yup... Chumpman, you should realli go take a walk at your Daiso there and see what kind of goodies you can grap :p Do share with me if u find anything interesting.... :)


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