Friday, 21 July 2006

Baking Utensils I

These are some of the Common Baking Utensils that are used for different types of baking purpose. All these are my beloved collection from years to years. I hope with these picture, it will help some of you to identify what are the name of each utensils that are commonly found in baking recipes. For eg: You can use the spring form tin for baking cheesecake which is easier to remove the cake when baked or chilled.

Mousse ring for making mousse cake and loaf pan for making loaf bread or loaf cake. You can also use the slice tray for making brownie or mini swiss roll.

It's good to have all kinds of baking utensils as when the recipes call for it, you had the equipment ready for use. But for my case, I seems to be collecting them more than using it... :)

I had a wide collection of cookie cutter as I love their shapes and patterns. Usually other than making cookies, I also use the smaller cutter to cut out patterns from carrot, yam, potato or etc. This will help you to make your dish more presentable like restaurant style....

All these disposable baking cups and trays are a great way to serve your baking as a gift. In another way, it will save your time and effort on greasing or washing the tins. You can get different sizes for making cakes or muffins, sometime it can also be used as a base for baking bread like those sold in the bakery shops. Posted by Picasa


  1. oh my, you really hv so many baking stuffs....

  2. Ya loh.. i still got a lof of collection never display.. cos i kept them in the storeroom...lolz... too troublesome to dig out... :)

  3. Hi there, I chanced upon your blog and am very amazed by what you are doing as a stay at home mum. Really good that you have so much enthusiasm and I really enjoyed reading your blog. Would like to ask you where did you buy all these baking utensils? Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hi Foreverfriend,

    Thanks for droping by my blog and your comments. I got most of my baking tins from Australia when I was staying there a few years back. While the rest i just collect here and there at those local baking stores or shopping dept whenever i sees what i like. :) Usually u can find alot at OG, CK Tangs and etc...

  5. Hi Ellena, I will be going Perth soon. Did you buy your stuff in Perth? If so, can you let me know where? Thanks.

  6. Hi Foreverfriend,

    I get some of my stuffs from Brisbane when i was there. U can get it from their local supermarket, like Coles, BigW or any baking store. They had a larage range on those... HTH... Do enjoy your trip. :)

  7. Hi Ellena, thanks for the reply. Looking forward to the trip and am looking forward to grab some good baking stuff!

  8. Hi Foreverfriend,

    No problem, hope you can get those stuffs that u want.... stay in stay... and have a nice trip. :)

  9. Hi Ellena...
    I'm new in Brisbane. I love baking and apart from Coles & Woolworths I still could not find a store which specifically sells baking needs ranging from ingredients, decorating needs and the pan. Could you please advise if you know one ? Thanks.

  10. Hi... Rina,

    Thanks for dropping by... em.. as far as i could remember. I used to get my baking items from Coles where they have those decoration and icing and etc. But then different area might hav different products range. U can try Kmart and BigW too... usually they have 20% discount or so for baking items on and off. Other than those supermarket, they do have a few shops located in Brisbane shopping area where u can find nice baking dish, cups and etc. Hope that help. :)

  11. Can you please tell me if I can buy the spring-form tin in S'pore? Where and how much does it cost? I left mine in the UK cos I had no more space and am regretting it! I stumbled in your blog when I googled 'springform baking tin'.

  12. Hi Eileen,

    You can get the spring-form tin from most NTUC or Cold storage or even baking stores like Phoon Huat or some kitchen department in certain shopping centres. The price is range before $10 - $20 depending on their size and materials. HTH :)


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