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[review] Bosch MaxxiMUM Kitchen Machine (MUMXL40G)

Last month I was given a set of the BOSCH MaxxiMUM Kitchen Machine (MUMXL40G) by BOSCH Singapore to participate in their product review which I have attended their launched and hands-on session earlier this April (read more here). After much considerations, I decided to take up this offer because as a self-taught home baker who likes to explore new recipes I am sure this powerful kitchen machine will be a great helper to me.

This new kitchen machines comes in two different models such as MUMXL40G (RP: SG$1,699) and MUMXL20T (RP: SG$1,499). Furthermore the MaxxiMUM range comes with 1,600 watts featuring the professional silicon stirring whisk and a 3D PlanetaryMixing accessory which moves kneading hook and whisk in three directions simultaneously.

Here is a short Instagram clip on our new Bosch MaxxiMUM Kitchen Machine. For this MUMXL40G model it also comes with a continuous shredder that includes four discs such as Reversible shredding disc, Grating disc, Asiatic-vegetable disc and the Professional Supercut reversible disc to assist with chopping, dicing and shredding of ingredients for both Asian and Western delights. Beside the mentions, its 1.75 litres ThermoSafe blender also comes in handy while preparing any recipes from pasta sauce, hot soups to smoothies and juices.

Specification Of The Mixer
Power Source:
- 220-240V; 50-60 Hz

Included Accessories:
- 1 x lid
- 1 x 5.4L stainless steel mixing bowl
- 1 x filling aid
- 1 x metal kneading hook
- 1 x beating whisk
- 1 x Professional flexi stirring whisk
- 1 x 1.75L ThermoSafe glass blender attachment
- 1 x continuous shredder
- 1 x reversible shredding disc
- 1 x grating disc medium-fine
- 1 x Asiatic-vegetable-disc
- 1 x Professional Supercut reversible disk

Dimensions (W x D x H):
- 308 x 338 x 369 mm

Connection Rating (W):
- 1600W

Length of Main Cable:
110.0 cm

Weight (Net):
12.730 kg

(Bosch MaxxiMUM Kitchen Machine - MUMXL40G)

[BOSCH MaxxiMUM] Figure 1

1. Base Unit
- "Easy Armlift" or also known as the Multi-function arm (figure 2; mark 5) supports the simple and effortless operation of this Multi-function appliance.

[BOSCH MaxxiMUM] Figure 2
- Rotary Switch (figure 2; mark 4)
  • 0/off = Stop
  • M = Instantaneous switching at maximum speed, hold switch for required blended duration.
  • Setting 1 - 7; operating speed with 1 = low/slow speed and 7 = high/fast speed.

- Drive Cover (figure 2; mark 1 and 2) is used to cover the various attached drive when they are not in used. To remove the drive cover, press on the front area to eject the cover and removed.

- Cord Store (figure 2; mark 3) enable the cord to store automatic with the cord winder.

[BOSCH MaxxiMUM] Continuous-feed Shredder

- Drive for: (attach drive cover when not in used)
  • continuous-feed shredder (figure 2; mark 1)

  • [BOSCH MaxxiMUM] 4 different cutting discs and disc holder
    One of the features for MaxxiMUM Kitchen Machine is to enable easy cutting of cheese, fruits, vegetables and etc using the continuous-feed shredder that comes in 4 different cutting disc. The discs usually works with setting 5 - 7 depending on its purpose.

    • Professional Supercut reversible disc for slicing fruit and vegetables.
    • Shredding reversible disc for shredding vegetables, fruit and cheese.
    • Grating disc coarse for grating raw potatoes for pancake or dumplings.
    • Asiatic vegetable disc for slicing fruit and vegetables into fine strips for Asian dish.

    [BOSCH MaxxiMUM] Samples of the shredded vegetables using the cutting disc

  • citrus press; and
  • grain mill

- Drive for tools:
  • Stirrer: use to stir dough and batter for sponge / mousse mixture as well as folding in beaten egg whites or cream.
  • Whisk: use for whisking egg whites, cream and light dough.
[BOSCH MaxxiMUM] Figure 3
Important Notes Using The Whisk:
The whisk should almost touch the bottom of the mixing bowl to ensure that the ingredients are optimally mixed. For example if whisking 2 egg whites (minimum amount); the whisk should just touch the bottom of the mixing bowl whereas for large amount (8 - 12 whites) the whisk should position higher.

To adjust the height of the whisk:
  1. Remove mains plug.
  2. Press release button and move multi-function arm to position shown in "figure 3" (left).
  3. Insert the whisk into the drive until the whisk locks into position.

  4. Hold whisk in place and loosen nut clock-wise using enclosed key (on the base of the appliance)
  5. Set the whisk to the optimum height by rotating the whisk; turning clockwise to raise and anti-clockwise for lower.
  6. Press release button and move the machine to position shown in "figure 3" (right), check the height and proceed.

[BOSCH MaxxiMUM] Steps on assembling kneading hook
  • Kneading Hook: use for kneading heavy dough (approx 4kg) and folding in ingredients which are not to be cut like raisins and chocolate chips. Between in order to attach the kneading hook into the drive, first you need to insert the dough deflector (refer to the figure above) before the kneading hook.
  • Mincer: use to cut fresh meat for steak tartare or meat loaf.

2. Bowl With Accessories
- 5.4L stainless steel mixing bowl
- Lid
- Funnel

[BOSCH MaxxiMUM] Drive for blender
3. Blender
- Blender Holder with Blade
- 1.75 Litres Glass Blender Jug
- Lid with Feed Tube
- Funnel

[BOSCH MaxxiMUM] Figure 4 - Drive for blender

To Operate The Blender
Cover all the unused drives then remove the diver cover for blender mark "1" shown right figure above, screwed the blender in the position mark "3" and turn all the way in an anti-clockwise direction to the right (towards the rotary switch). And the appliance cannot be switched on unless the Mincer and Adapter have been attached correctly.

  1. Only allow maximum 0.75 litres of hot or frothing liquid to be processed in the blender.
  2. Optimum processing amount of solid ingredients should be around 100 grams.
  3. Insert blender holder with seal into the blender jug, make sure the line is under the arrow.


With this new kitchen machine, I will be sharing 1 - 2 recipes each month introducing the functions and parts of the machine so that you could have an idea on how it work if you are planning to get one this coming festive season as gift or home use. Basically I would be featured all the tools included such as the beater, whisk, dough hook, blender and shredding disc which helps act a multi-function gadget in the pantry.

Cow Print Cheesecake

Pumpkin Apple Bar

Black Sesame Bun

Garden Vegetables Frittata

Double Chocolate Pound Cake

More to come.....

*Disclosure: I was given a set of this BOSCH MaxxiMUM Kitchen Machine by the folks of BOSCH Singapore for this review and recipes testing. All opinions expressed in this post are my own and there is no monetary compensation received.


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