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[review] Philips Avance XL Airfryer

Philips Avance XL Airfryer
Every since I uploaded a video clip over at my Instagram (shown below) on my new kitchen gadget; the New Philips Avance XL Airfryer. I have been receiving comments and requests on sharing my reviews as well as related  recipes made using this gadget. And for myself who loves "to collect" kitchen gadgets that enables easy and healthy home cooking for the family, I am sure this new appliance will makes wonder in our kitchen.

Furthermore this new Philips Airfryer also comes in handy to replace my 12 years old Philips Oven Toaster which served us well over the years whipping up yummy dishes like baked chicken mid-joints/drumlets, baked rice, pizza and etc.

Here is a short video clip of the new Philips Avance XL Airfryer with a power of 2100W and capacity size of 3.0 litre (1200g) which is much bigger (400g more) than two previous two models. Plus with its digital touch screen control it also make cooking easier for everyone at home. Besides that it also has a new preset button which comes in this new model too.

[Philips Avance XL Airfryer] Cooking Basket
Likewise for those who owned or intending to get a Philips Airfryer (depending on the models such as Avance XL (latest), Viva Digital and Viva), this handy gadget actually runs on an unique Rapid Air Technology that enables user to fry with air in order to make food crispy on the outside and yet remain tender on the inside (tested this with my homemade sweet potato fries and avocado fries). On top of that, user can also choose to add in little oil (or omit totally) to perfect the end result depending on their preference.

Above shows the Cooking Basket where food are place onto it to cook in the Airfryer. But in order to achieve best cooking result, food place on it must not exceed the MAX indication or the maximum amount shown on the table of the instruction menu included with the purchased.

[Philips Avance XL Airfryer] Control Panel Menu
Secondly with this digital touch screen menu it makes cooking easier when user need to increase or decrease the temperature or cooking time within a sensor touch. There is also a "preset" button beside the "start/stop" button on the left side that allows user to pre-program the cooking time and temperature of their favourite ingredients within a touch of the preset button.

And for safety purpose this appliance is also equipped with an automatic switch-off function.

For example: If you do not press a button within 30 minutes, the appliance switches off automatically and you have to press the power on/off button to switch it on again.

[Philips Avance XL Airfryer] Interior and heating element

[Philips Avance XL Airfryer] Power Cord and Air Outlet
There is a cord storage compartment at the back of the appliance to keep the cord neat and tidy for storage purpose. 

[Philips Avance XL Airfryer] Cooking Basket and Pan
Cleaning the appliance after every use is essential (unless you are baking cake or cooking food in a ceramic bowl or aluminum case)  in order to remove oil from the bottom of the pan as well as dirt and grease form on the basket lines.

For Cleaning:
1. Let the appliance cool down before removing the basket and pan for washing.

2. Using a moist cloth, wipe the outside and inside of the appliance; remove any food residues on the heating element or on the sides of the interior.

3. Wash the basket and pan with dishwashing liquid and a non-abrasive sponge (the pan, baking tray and basket are dishwasher-proof too).

Before First Use:
1. Remove all packaging material such as foil form the control panel or any stickers label from the appliance.

2. Open the drawer by pulling at the handle to remove the basket by lifting the handle then follow by the pan by tilt it backwards off the rails.

3. Thoroughly clean the basket and pan with hot water and some dishwashing liquid and a non-abrasive sponge.

4. Next wipe the inside and outside of the appliance with a moist cloth before placing the pan in the drawer and basket in the pan.

[Philips Avance XL Airfryer] Useful Bakeware
Lastly for those who are keen in baking but without a proper convectional oven, you can try baking some simply bakes such as muffin, mini cake, loaf of bread (if you have a electric stand/hand mixer). For your information you can easily grab hold of these ceramic or disposal bakeware from Daiso or leading baking supply outlets to use in your Airfryer.


There are many recipes that a Philips Airfryer can do beside cooking / reheating common frozen food like fries, nuggets, chicken wings, pizza and etc which shown during their product demo at roadshows. But here in order to justify and review the availability of my new Airfryer I decided to try out a few recipes by baking a pound cake, air-fried sweet potato and avocado fries plus whipping a cafe style breakfast with croissant and cheesy baked egg which you could find the recipes links below.

Croissant with Baked Cheesy Ham, Mushroom and Egg

Rosemary Chicken with Sweet Potato Fries

Air-fried Herbal Chicken

Chocolate Cherry Pound Cake

Gula Melaka Banana Cake

Air-fried Avocado Fries

Avocado Blueberry Muffins

Air-fried Crabstick

Air-fried Arrowhead

Prawn Paste Chicken

Asian Style Steamed Fish

Air-fried Luncheon Fries

Air-fried Teriyaki Chicken

Air-fried Salmon & Pumpkinh

Air-fried Mackerel

*Disclosure: I was given a set of the new Philips Avance XL Airfryer for this review purpose by the folks of Philips Singapore. All opinions expressed in this post are my own and there is no monetary compensation received.


  1. Hi, you have explained the cleaning on the surface. What about the filter on top ?

    I believe after air frying the chicken wings, oil traces will be left on the filer itself.

    Could you share some tips. Thanks.

    1. Hi there, for me I just used a damp cloth to wide the inside of the airfryer including the top metal while it is still lukewarm (after cooling off for some time). Emmm basically you just have to wipe it clean after each use, then place foil or baking paper below the frying basket for easy cleaning.



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