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Osmanthus Flower - 桂花

Osmanthus Flower (桂花) has fragrance that resembles peach or apricots that is light and refreshing. Other than its refreshing fragrance, in the Chinese Medical terms, it is also used to reduce phlegm if you have a bad cough. Or it could also be use for abdominal discomfort, toothaches, and bad breath from indigestion (Osmanthus stimulates normal digestive processes).

Osmanthus Flower can be purchased from local Chinese Medical Hall like Hock Hua (福华),  Bees Brand (蜂标) or etc. It come in either small or big packet from S$4.00 - S$6.50 depending on the size.


Below is a quick recipe for Osmanthus Honey Tea which is beneficial for detoxification and beauty maintenance as well as relieves bad breath. For your interest there are also a few Osmanthus related recipes shown below in my recipe site for your reading too.

(Serve: 1 | Preparation: 2 minutes )

1 Teaspoon Dried Osmanthus Flowers (桂花)
1 Green or Black Tea Tea Bag
2 - 3 Teaspoons Honey

1. Place…

Shiokoji (塩麹)

Shiokoji (salted rice malt - 塩麹) is a traditional Japanese condiment made from fermented malted rice, salt and water. And it has been used as condiment in varies way with fish, meat and vegetable. Recently Shiokoji started to gain attention from more people when enzyme diets became popular.

Thanks to Derrick from sgfoodonfoot who shared with me some of his Japanese Condiments which he think would be useful for me to explore new recipes with. I am not sure where we could get this Shiokoji in Singapore but perhaps MEIDI-YA or Isetan might have. Or if you come across this in Singapore, do drop me comment or email too.

From some read up, it states that Shiokoji is good for both health and cooking as there is an enzyme in koji which breaks down carbs and protein in meat and fish and at the same time helps to tender the meat. On top of those mentioned, Shiokoji also contains enzymes which help digestion, speed up metabolism and excretion which is good for diet, constipation, detox, skin, s…
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