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LunchPunch Sandwich Cutters

LunchPunch has a few themed design (more details HERE) sandwich cutters which comes in a set of 4 different patterns in each box. And what I have here is the "Sand*wishes*" themed which consists of cute "fairy princess" with a cut out star and "frog prince" with the removable crown and etc.

One plus point about these cutters is they work well with any size bread but are especially great for regular to large size bread so that the side won't be cut off.

To work with the cutters, these are some of the points that you might want to take note of:-

1. USE FRESH BREAD:- Soft, fresh bread works best as old bread tends to be a bit difficult to handle.

2. USING A CUTTING BOARD:- Make is easier for the cutter to work through the bread on flat surface.

3. PRESS DOWN FIRMLY:- Place BOTH hands on top of cutter and press straight down, hard into the sandwich.

4. TWIST IT BACK AND FORTH:- Once you have pressed down as hard as you can, twist the cutter back …

Kueh Tutu (嘟嘟糕) And Kueh Tutu Mould

Kueh Tutu also known as "嘟嘟糕" in Mandarin is a traditional Singaporean delicacy which is made using rice flour. These steamed rice cakes are made using a special kueh tutu mould (refer to the photo shown below) where the prepared rice flour together with filling is steamed for a minute or two before removing it and place on a piece of pandan leave and served.

This is the special circular Kueh Tutu Mould which is used to shaped the kueh into flower shaped. To make Kueh Tutu, the mould is first filled with some cooked rice flour, follow by spoonful of coconut/peanut fillings then another layer of cooked rice flour on top. Next a small piece of pandan or banana leaf is place on top before it is turned upside down on a small cheesecloth and place on the steamer rack (you can refer to the photo below) and steamed until cook through.

What To Get:- 1. Ailin @ 845 Geylang Road, #01-48, Tanjong Katong Complex, Telephone: 6743-2693;
2. SunLik @ 33 Seah Street, Telephone: 6338 098…
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