Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Cupcake Pop Mold

Ever since I saw and bought these cute cupcake pop molds it has being sitting in my cupboard got quite sometime until I recently took it out and try making some Assorted Cream Cheese Cake Pops(recipe HERE). I have always wanted to make these Cake Pops which is one of the latest trend among online bakers other than cupcakes and macarons.

What is Cake Pops? Cake Pops can be defined as little/mini cakes on a stick that is coated with chocolate/icing and decorated with all sort of sprinkles or toppings which made famous by Bakerella( read more on the link HERE).

These cute Cupcake Pop Mold can be purchased from "My Little Cupcake" site or "Shop N Bake" or you can refer to more details HERE.


  1. hi Ellena,
    many thanks for your reply , I'michelle from kuala lumpur would like to check with you where can i buy the ice cream pop up and winnie pooh with friends ice cube tray.
    tq michelle


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