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Fermented Black Bean - 豆豉

Douchi(黑豆豆豉)is a fermented black beans commonly used as a flavoring in most Chinese cuisines as well as an key ingredient to make black bean sauce. These fermented black beans are especially used to flavor fish or stir-fried vegetables such as Steamed Spare ribs with Fermented Black Beans(豉椒排骨)and Fermented Black Beans (豆豉鯪魚).

Some of the RECIPES featuring Fermented Black Bean:-

OR click HERE for more recipes.

Yacon - 冰山雪莲果

Yacon(冰山雪莲果) is a sweet and crunchy vegetable that has a flavour similar to an apple. The actual vegetable is called a "tuber" which is a thick stem or root that grows underground which similar to a potato. Yacon grows in a variety of different colors including pink, orange, white or purple. In the United States, Yacon that is sold in markets is typically white compared to the orange type that we have in Singapore.(if you seen any purple colour Yacon do share a photo of it with me as I am curious on how it looks like)

According to some google read-up this vegetable is very high in fiber and low in calories which makes it a healthy and nutritious snack. Furthermore Yacon has also been known to improve digestion by promoting the growth of bacteria beneficial to human health in the intestine too.(more information HERE)

I have used this Yacon to make two different type of soup such as "Yacon And Lotus Roots Peanut Soup" and Yacon with Sweetcorn Pork Ribs Soup. Both thes…

[revised and updated] Fried Shallot Oil - Microwave Version

Fried Shallot Oil is a common fragrance oil use in cooking or as an condiments to impart particular flavor to a sweet or savoury dish and gives it a special touch to perfect the taste. Likewise you can either make this on your own or get the pre-packed dried version crispy shallot flakes (without the oil) from any local supermarkets or grocery stalls in the wet markets.

Cupcake Pop Mold

Ever since I saw and bought these cute cupcake pop molds it has being sitting in my cupboard got quite sometime until I recently took it out and try making some Assorted Cream Cheese Cake Pops(recipe HERE). I have always wanted to make these Cake Pops which is one of the latest trend among online bakers other than cupcakes and macarons.

What is Cake Pops? Cake Pops can be defined as little/mini cakes on a stick that is coated with chocolate/icing and decorated with all sort of sprinkles or toppings which made famous by Bakerella( read more on the link HERE).

These cute Cupcake Pop Mold can be purchased from "My Little Cupcake" site or "Shop N Bake" or you can refer to more details HERE.

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