Saturday, 19 June 2010

Japanese Matcha Powder

Matcha - 抹茶 refers to finely-milled Japanese green tea. Recent years it has also come to be used to flavour and dye foods such as mochi and soba noodles, green tea ice cream and a variety of Japanese confectionery too. Other than Japanese cuisine and pastry, matcha powder is also used as flavouring in many Western-style chocolates, candy, and desserts such as cakes, pastries, cookies, pudding and etc.

I usually gets my Japanese Matcha powder Fairprice finest (Japanese ingredients section) or Istean. This type of Matcha powder is slightly more expensive when compared to those found in baking ingredients shop like Bake King, Phoon Huat and etc.  A small can of 40g cost about S$6+ but I feel it's worth the price when the end-products turns out to be good and worthy.

Below are some recipes using Matcha Powder which you might be interested to take a look.

Matcha Madeleines

Matcha Chestnut Chiffon Cake

Steamed Matcha Cake

Matcha Cherry Blossom Chiffon

Matcha Pound Cake

Matcha Black Sesame Chiffon Cake

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Friday, 18 June 2010

Kau Kee - 九杞菜

Kau Kee - 九杞 (wolfberry leaves) is a kind of leafy vegetables that comes in long stalks and sharp thorns on it. You can get this from most local supermarket or tradition wet market near your area. Usually this vegetable is cooked as a soup using minced meat and egg.

And from one of my food review from a Zhi Char - 煮炒摊 that we ordered this “Kau Khee Soup - 九杞菜汤/枸杞菜汤”, I came up with an one-pot dish "recipe" with these ingredients too. If you prefer it to be served as soup like what shown above, you can always whipped it up at home with simple ingredients such as egg and minced meat. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Silicon Madeleine Pan

Madeleines are very small traditional sponge cakes with a distinctive shell-like shape which traditional recipes always include ground almonds and lemon zest. And there are all kind of types/sizes of Madeleines tin range from metal to silicon or from the traditional shape to scallop shell shape design.

I have made use of this pan to make some cute and mini "Matcha Madeleines with Azuki Bean" where you can find the recipe HERE.