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Assorted Mini Bento Food Cutters

It has being so long since about a year ago from my last Bento making till now. Recently I saw these cute cutters available from the Daiso near my area and I went ahead buying a few sets of it :p So if you love to start off with some quick and simple bento for your kids, head down to the nearest Daiso around your area and some some cutters soon.

"Animals Set" allows you to create a simple bento with assorted cute animals such as panda, rabbit, birds and etc.

"Space Set" which i guess most of the boys will love this. You can even create a simple rocket with stars, moon and etc.

The "Garden Set" where you can make cute butterfly flying on flower beds using bread, ham and cheese with this set.

Assorted Transportation Flag Picks

Grab a pack of this cute transportation flag picks from Daiso this afternoon. This might come handy when you prepared some snack for your kids to bring to school or use it as a decorative items on the bento.

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