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Taiwan Honey Starfruit

In Taiwan, Carambola is also known as Honey Starfruit in common and besides being delicious it is also rich with vitamins. It is a popular summer snack that is recommended as a remedy for sore throats and the common cold. These few weeks you can find some Taiwan famous fruits such as Honey Starfruit, Loquats(枇杷) and Rose Apple(莲雾) on sale at major NTUC during their "Taiwan Fruit Fair".

During one of my recent trip to NTUC, I found these golden honey Starfruit from Taiwan which are similar to those that we have eaten during our April Taiwan trip. So without hesitate, I choose a few home to eat as well as make it into starfruit juice. The colour of the juice is so beautiful with that golden orange colour which is similar to Orange/Mango. The taste is so refreshing and fragrant..... Do give it a try if you can find some at your nearest NTUC.

Easter Gift

This is the best Easter Gift I have received this year. And I have to give credit and thanks to one of my best blog pal Quinn from "Quinn's Baking Diary". Despite of the expensive postage from Australia to Singapore, she is still so willing to send me the April Issue of my favourite "Super Food Ideas" in order for me and Rey to try out some of the Easter recipe in it.

Quinn is so thoughtful that she even take the effort to email a couple of the Easter Recipes in picture format before sending me the book just to make sure that we have enough time to do the Easter recipe. Thank you so much Quinn, I owed you "One" :p And with her help, we are able to try out the "Chocolate Chip Hot Cross Buns" just in time for Easter.

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