Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Paradise Pear

Saw these cute little pear at one of the fruit stall near my area and without much consideration, I choose roughly around 10 of it and make the payment. When the stall owner told me the price, I was kind of shock.... imagine, 10 little pear cost $7.90 which is around $0.80 per pear........

According to the signboard and from the stall helper, these pear are known as "Paradise Pear" and they are from Australia. They are very small, sweet and crisp. These delightful, bite-size 'mini-pears' are borne in bunches and just right for kids!

Other than the paradise pear, I also spot this mini apple shape like fruit from the stall. And according to the stall helper, he told me this is called the "Bird Pear - 鸟梨". At a glance, I was attracted by this cute little pear which I thought rey might be fancy about it. But when I reached home, I realise that this is not those "Fresh" type of fruit, this is kind of those Chinese Preserved fruit which is soaked in vinegar. Posted by Picasa

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