Sunday, 27 December 2009

Asian Cooking Spices

There are a lot of cooking spices range from either Western, Asian Chinese, Indian, Malay, Thai and etc. Each culture has their own signature use of spice. Eg. Thai people will like to use Lemongrass and Lime, where Western will fancy basil and parsley. No matter which group you belong to, there is always a some nice spices that you will pick up with.

"Cinnamon Stick - 肉桂棒" is one of the common recipe found in Nonya, Malay and Chinese Cuisine to be use in making curry, meat roll and even soy sauce duck. While in western country, you might find cinnamon powder being use in making apple pies or use in coffee or tea and etc.

"Cloves - 丁香" can be use in baking, or cooking some of the Indian cuisine and it is usually paired with together with cumin and cinnamon. You can find this commonly use in Biryani and it is normally added whole to enhance the presentation and flavor of the rice.

"Cardamom - 豆冠子" can be use to prevent indigestion and relieve flatulence while some even say that it can sweeten your breath. But no matter what function it has, Cardamom spice is a highly aromatic spice which is most commonly used in Eastern and Arab cuisines. Its unique slightly sweet and savory flavor allows it to be combined with both sweet and savory dishes.

Come across this "Fish Seasoning" spice which caught my attention. I have not seen something like this before which consists of a few types of spices which I am unfamiliar with. From the packaging, I only recognise Black Peppercorns and Cummin, and Fennel Seeds. If you are familiar with this seasoning or you have use this before, do drop me a note so that I can learn and share with the rest of the readers too :) Posted by Picasa

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