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Scallop Shell Madeleine Tin

I have being searching High and Low for this Scallop Shell Madeleine Tin in Singapore until I gave up my search. As my dear son loves the Chocolate Chip Kueh Balu from Prima Deli which comes in this Scallop Shapes. I have always wanted to make it for him at home. After some long research, finally I managed to ask my friend to get it for us in Japan(if you are interested, click on the link for details). Till then, stay tune while I will try to try out on this tin soon......

Bento Food Cutter III

This is another cute Mini Ham & Cheese Cutters that Elizabeth bought for me from Japan. It will be handy when preparing bento for cutting carrots, ham or cheese...... Em.. maybe I can consider using it for mini cookies too......

6-in-1 Chick and Rabbit Cutters from Daisowhich come in handy if you want to prepare window layer sandwiches or assorted size cookies. For eg: Click on this link and take a look at the heart shape sandwich.

6-in-1 Star Shapes Cutter from Daisowhich comes in this new packing with a transparent box instead of the old packing which is pink in colour. I prefer this bright yellow colour and the new packing with the box :)

Origini Wrappers

Got this cute little Assorted Animals Food Wrapper from CP @ bentomarket. This really come in handy when you want to prepare some cute onigiri for kid's bento or party. It comes in 4 different designs with 3 sheets each design.

Assorted Miffy & Friends Cookies

I am sure most of us will be familiar with this cartoon character called "Miffy". She is a small female rabbit in a picture book drawn by Dick Bruna. It's so kind of my blogpal, Elizabeth who gave a pack of this assorted Miffy & Friends cookies to Reyon. This pack consists of 12 individual packets of 2 different designs and Reyon love them very much, he even take a few packets to school to share with his best friends.

Pooh & Friends 3D Ice Cube Tray

Elizabeth who just got back to Singapore from Japan, get this Pooh & Friends 3D Ice-tray for Reyon. It comes in a tray of 6 cute designs of Pooh, Pigglet and Tigger. You can use it as normal ice tray or you can even make colourful jelly or food using this.

For Sale

Recently one of my friend just bought me an extra set of this above with the "h" design in the middle(which I already have in stock :p ). So if anyone is interested in buying this, do email for more detail.

~ Price @ style="color: rgb(255, 0, 0);">SG$18.00 for Multi-face Puncher. SOLD

This set of also another extra set of Pooh Vegetable cutter that I have for sale which come in two different design.

~ Price @ SG$10.00 for the Pooh Vegetable Cutter

*Note: All prices here including normal postage in Singapore ONLY. If you are interested in any of thea bove item, do e-mail me for more detail.

Multi-Face Shoe Punchers

Finally got my Multi-face shoe puncher, these two design have being out of stock for a few months and most of the Bento makers have both of these collection. This design focus more on facial expression where you can really make very "KAWAI" design for your bento.

So far I notice that this design is not very commonly used. It actually can do a face block-up using that two " ( ) " that acts as a shape of the face.

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