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Baking & Tea-Snack Collection

Browsing through bookstores is always one of my past-time hobby which in the end will make me end up with all kinds of books in my mini library at home. I can resists the temptation of buying clothes, shoes, bag and etc. But I can't resists the temptation of buying books and enjoying food.

Both me and my dear son loves to eat bread, I can have bread for breakfast, tea-break and even lunch. I will packed bread for tea-bread or lunch at least twice a week, so when i saw this interesting toast book, I immediately add it to my shopping cart.

I have two different pancake/waffle books which I purchased due to the "Kawai" presentation of the food. Look at the pancake which they fold into the shape of a fish, isn't that cute? Sometime looking at all these will make my days even more meaningful rather than eating it.

Look at this, I didn't know that we can actually used pancake or waffle flour to make cakes, muffins, cookies and etc other than pancake itself. Although I a…

Homecook Meal Collection

These are some of the Cookery Books that I had purchased over the past few months. Some of it I have read from the public Library and I find that it is a good keeper as future reference.

Grab at outside one of the NTUC store @ S$9.00 and it consists a lot of wonderful soup that I would like to give it a try when I am free. They have pretty good explanation of the ingredients used too. This book is written by one of the famous TV chef, "FANG TAI".

Other than the above "FANG TAI" soup book, I also grab another one which force more of using Chinese Herbs to neutralise our body health.

Personally I love this book which consists of a lot of attractive photos which is the main consideration for me when purchasing a cookery book. The steps are pretty easy to follow and they have all kinds of dishes with different kind of fish as the main ingredient.

This book come together as the same publisher as the one fish book above. They have interesting western dishes that required…

Gadget @ Daiso

I am so happy and suprised to see this cute "CIAO" design foil from IMM Daiso and immediately I grab one colour each of the design from the shelf. I have being looking for it high and low and finally, managed to grab hold of this. There are also other cute and nice disney design available from ebay. (take a look here)

My boy grab this cute Donut Print Paper bag which he wanted to use it to pack snack for his bento or picnic.

Collection Of Bento Boxes III

Isn't this cute!!!!! If you have a little princess at home or even for an adult like you. I bet you will like to have one of this Melody Lunchbox to pack your lunch or snack :)

Rose Petal Tea

Rose Petal Tea is made of dried natural rose petal an it is often regarded as a health supplement by many. It has a nice fragrance and consumed regularly; will help in blood circulation and digestion. Furthermore, it also reduces fats, whitening of the skin and helps to relive discomforts that arise from menstruation. Most important, it helps you to maintain a youthful image.

1. Add about 3 -5 dried rose bud in a cup of warm water and sweeten with some honey.

2. Or you can add rose bud in a cup of hot tea. ( i usually prefer to add in to my cup of milk tea)
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