Thursday, 15 May 2008

Assorted Pancake / Egg Ring

Got these cute Bear, Xmas Tree and Flower shapes Pancake/Egg Ring from Daiso. They came in a few design and you can use it for either making pan-cake directly by placing the lightly oiled mould on the non-stick pan and top with pancake batter and fry as usual pancake method.

Or you can use it to fry cute design of sunny egg for the kids on weekend breakfast or you it as a cutter to cut shape out of bread, omelet or even use it to mould the rice into different shape accordingly.

I have use this to make flower shape pancakes and the bear ring mould to make Bear Onigiri bento and decorate it with side dishes.

You can use this heart-shape ring mould to make lovely heart-shape sunny eggs, heart-shape pancake, bread and etc for Valentine Day meal....

I struggle a long time to select either this Pooh Ring Mould or a Pooh Pancake Mould. Actually these two serve similar purposed but great different in prices so after much consideration, I choose the Pooh Ring Mould instead which can be act as a cutter or mould to make bread of pancake. Em... do you wan to have a plate of these Pooh Pancake for Breakfast or snack?

I bet you will love this Kitty Ring Mould which can act as a cutter or mould to make bread of pancake. How fortunate it will be like if you can have a plate of these Kitty Pancake for Breakfast or snack........ Posted by Picasa


  1. I started to have craving of getting bento tools and baking utensils after I read your blog, lol. I bought bear cookie cutter, heart baking mould and egg mould for hard boiled egg in shape of a fish. I friend of mine is going to Japan soon and I asked her to find interesting stuffs from 100Yen shop there too

  2. Wow.. saw your blog on your star and heart shape hardboiled eggs :) hope u can find more items to start your bento making... :)


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