Friday, 30 January 2009

Assorted Bento Baran/Divider

This cute Disney Food Baran come in two different design of 5 sheets each. You can use it as a bento sticker for food, or food divider to separate the food. You can see example from my bento pal Amy's blog.( click here for link)

Cute sheet of Assorted Farm Animal food separator come in a packet of 12 separate sheets.

Assorted Forest Animals Food Baran

Assorted Ocean Creature Food Baran

Bear, Rabbit & Dog Food Separator

Elephant, Bear & Rabbit Food Separator

most bento box which they used to separate the raw and cooked food. These plastic sheet do come in handy in different length so that you can use it for different usage.

This Food Hygiene Sheet is to lay either on top or bottom of the bento box to contain food. I usually lay it at the bottom on the bento box is if i am placing oily stuff so that it's easier for me to wash the box.Posted by Picasa

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