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Assorted Bento Baran/Divider

This cute Disney Food Baran come in two different design of 5 sheets each. You can use it as a bento sticker for food, or food divider to separate the food. You can see example from my bento pal Amy's blog.( click here for link)

Cute sheet of Assorted Farm Animal food separator come in a packet of 12 separate sheets.

Assorted Forest Animals Food Baran

Assorted Ocean Creature Food Baran

Bear, Rabbit & Dog Food Separator

Elephant, Bear & Rabbit Food Separator

most bento box which they used to separate the raw and cooked food. These plastic sheet do come in handy in different length so that you can use it for different usage.

This Food Hygiene Sheet is to lay either on top or bottom of the bento box to contain food. I usually lay it at the bottom on the bento box is if i am placing oily stuff so that it's easier for me to wash the box.

Assorted Bento Food Picks I

You can get these assorted design bento food picks from most of the Daiso in Singapore. Sometime by adding these cute and fun design food picks to your bento dish, it will actually help to bring out the design and also the story behind the bento prepartion. This is great way of attracting kids to pick up the food......

Forest Animal Picks

Ocean Animal Picks

3 Colour Flag Picks

Assorted Farm House Picks

Farm animal food picks

Assorted Colour Forest Animal Picks

Assorted vegetable food picks

A Pack of 30 Assorted Chinese 12 Zodiac Animals, but the strange thing is I can't find any mouse in this set of animals to complete the 12 Zodiac Sign.

Kitchen Gadget

Saw this interesting Steamer Rack from Ikeawhich come with an extension handler which made it easier to remove from the woke or pan. Another good point of this steamer rack is that it allows you to close the side of the panel and fold into a smaller portion for keeping after use. (update: 26.07.2009)

Saw this BlueSky brand Waffle Maker on sale at Carrefour today for S$16.00. And after hearing and see so many good comments on homemade waffle, I decided to get a set of this to make some waffle for weekend breafast too... :0 (update: 21.03.09)

Upon most reader requested, I have now post a picture of my Philip Oven Toaster which I have used it to do quick bake for most of my Quick and Easy Meal in my post. eg:

1. Baked Mango & Salmon Salad
2. Salmon Baked Rice
3. Lavender-Cointreau Baked Seafood

Mini Bamboo Steamer from Daiso. I bought this little mini Dim Sum style bamboo steamer from Daiso which I use it to steam small bao or steam small portion of steam meal which is more convenient a…
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