Saturday, 19 January 2008

Hello Kitty Baking /Cooking Utensils

Recently, I started to have this interest on collecting the Hello Kitty Theme baking and cooking utensils. They are really cute and innovative to use as a creative tools for making cute meals for the kids as well as adults.

These are some of the gifts from my friends which added on to my collection. Reyon loves the Kitty Sushi Rice Mould as well as the Egg Moulds which he always request them to be used whenever he wanted to eat Sushi. These moulds are very useful as you can used them to make Snow Skin Mooncakes as well....... :)

This Kitty Head Bread cutter is so cute that it can actually make a adult size portion of sandwich compare to the mini type that I used above. I had used this cutter to make a cute little kitty sandwich for Reyon during one of the breakfast. Eg: Reyon's Kitty Breakfast

Next is this Kitty Cookie Cutters collection, they come in different kitty design stamps which can make into interesting kitty cookies that bring joy to all ages of kitty fan......

When I saw this, I immediately bought it. Because I knew I wanted to make these cute little sandwiches for Reyon. This set come with a metal cutter and a kitty stencil to make the features in more detail. Eg of the end-products: Mini Kitty Bread

I bet you will love this Kitty Ring Mould which can act as a cutter or mould to make bread of pancake. How fortunate it will be like if you can have a plate of these Kitty Pancake for Breakfast or snack........

I bought this 3D Hello Kitty Cookie Cutter because I want to make something for my friend and her kids who loves Kitty. And my 1st inspiration was actually from a Japaness Site that sells Winnie The Pooh 3D cookie cutters. Since I can't get hold of the Pooh's cutter from Singapore, it's good that I can find this Kitty version and make something useful out of it :)

This is the 1st set of Microwave Kitty Sponge Cake Mould that I bought two years ago during a shopping trip. I bought this set because the I thought other than making sponge cake I might use it to make small cute jellies for kid's party or even mould them into sushi rice with these cute shapes.

These are cute little Kitty Vegetable Cutters that use to stamp out Kitty Image on Root vegetables like carrot, radish or pumpkin and serve them on bento meals or pasta. You can even use it as cookie mould.

I find these stencil will be useful if I need to make small cupcakes or cake and I can use it to do some simple decoration on top of it.Posted by Picasa