Sunday, 28 December 2008

Cute Clips

My dear son got these cute apple daily clips from Daiso as he wanted to use it to clip his daily worksheet. (update: 29 March 2009)

My dear son spot these very cute clips from Daiso, so without thinking of what we can use it for, we just grab it and go....... It's really so cute with those colourful animals attached to the clip. Em.. I am still thinking what can I use them for? Posted by Picasa


  1. I bought a few packs of similar wooden clips too. I do think I can use them but.........they were still there with packaging, lol. Too small to clip clothes, socks perhaps. Oh, maybe I can glue a small pc. of magnet on clip, attach the clip on refrigerator for bills or messages

  2. Hi chumpman,

    Yup.. i found them too cute and hard to resists in i bought two packets of different design...still wondering what can i do with it too...:)

  3. Very cute clips! WIsh we had a Daiso here...

  4. Hi Susan,

    Your side got that 100 Yen shop? Sometime they have more items than Daiso.... :)


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