Saturday, 18 October 2008

Surprised From Japan

These are a BIG set of SURPRISE from Elizabeth, a member of a forum that I frequent in. She is a very kind and helpful lady who wrote an email to me regarding about the items and enquiries which I posted on that forum. Within a few email correspondences, she had already gathering these bento items and get it send to me from Japan.

I am really very touch by her act and gesture on helping me to get these items from a shop near her place. Thank you so much Elizabeth, thank for all your time and effort.Posted by Picasa

1. Set of 4 Animals Cookie Cutters
2. Set of 4 Sauce Containers
3. Chicky Shape Sauce Bottle
4. Set of 4 Animals Sauce Bottles
5. Assorted Animals Food Picks
6. Assorted Sushi Moulds
7. Set of 2 Assorted Mini Quail Egg Moulds
8. Set of 3 Assorted Sausage Cutters
9. Set of 2 Food Cutters

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  1. My friend arrived Japan yesterday and she's going to stay there for 3 weeks or more. I told her about lovely and cute bento tools and baking utensils and showed her some pictures. She said she will definately go to 100Yen shop and look for me. The problem is, I don't know what I want. No, I do know what I want, just too many choices and don't know which to choose. I need to take time to go thru all your collections and make a list to my friend.


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