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Cute Collections

This set of cute dessert cutlery is a gift from my oversea blog pal. She knew that I love to collect all sorts of baking utenslis and equipments that is cute. Ai Yen, thanks for your wonderful thoughts :) Now I can use them on my next bake.

A Mortar and Pestle is a tool used to crush, grind, and mix substances. The pestle is a heavy stick whose end is used for pounding and grinding, and the mortar is a bowl. The substance is ground between the pestle and the mortar. Mortars are also used in cooking to prepare ingredients such as pesto (which derives its name from the pestle pounding), as well as grinding spices into powder. I managed to find this mini utensils while tiding the cupboard. I bought two different sizes of this during my stay in Australia a few years back which I used to use it to grind spices for cooking.

Assorted Cookie Cutters I

With all these cute assorted design of cutters, you can either use it for making cookies, cutting out cute design from carrot, cucumber, fruits or even use it to mould rice and make into animal shapes onigiri or make assorted design sandwiches for kids' bento.

Assorted Colour Animal Shape Cookie Cutter(small size)

Animal Cutters

Aeroplane, Boat & Car Cookie Cutter

Assorted Animal Cutter(med size), you can use the bear to cut out bear shape from pancake slices to make Bear Designpancakes. (click here)

Christmas theme design cutter (med size)

Assorted plastic food/cookie cutter (small size)

6 in 1 different Size of Heart-shapes cookie cutters which you can use it for different usage or making jam tarts which you can two different size of over laping shape.

Same as the above, but this is 6 different size of Star Shapes instead of heart shapes.

Mickey Mouse Disney Cookie cutter come in a set of two different design.

These are the Pooh and Tigger and Pooh & Piglet Disney Cookie Cu…

Assorted Pancake / Egg Ring

Got these cute Bear, Xmas Tree and Flower shapes Pancake/Egg Ring from Daiso. They came in a few design and you can use it for either making pan-cake directly by placing the lightly oiled mould on the non-stick pan and top with pancake batter and fry as usual pancake method.

Or you can use it to fry cute design of sunny egg for the kids on weekend breakfast or you it as a cutter to cut shape out of bread, omelet or even use it to mould the rice into different shape accordingly.

I have use this to make flower shape pancakes and the bear ring mould to make Bear Onigiribento and decorate it with side dishes.

You can use this heart-shape ring mould to make lovely heart-shape sunny eggs, heart-shape pancake, bread and etc for Valentine Day meal....

I struggle a long time to select either this Pooh Ring Mould or a Pooh Pancake Mould. Actually these two serve similar purposed but great different in prices so after much consideration, I choose the Pooh Ring Mould instead which can be act as …
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