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Collection of Bento Boxes I

One of my friend managed to find these two sets of Bento Box from Daiso and immediately, she grab a set for me since she knew that I am collecting Bento Boxes :) Thank you so much and it's really so nice of her to have me in her shopping list too.... :) (updated: 13 September 2008)

My colleague Rebecca knows that Reyon and I are big Pooh Fans.... so she bought us this 2 tier square lunchbox with handle for us to go for picnic. Thank you pal for your warm thoughts. This lunchbox still come with a attached spoon....... (Updated: 11 September 2008)

Recently I had being making Triangle Shape Onigiriso I thought of getting this cute kids' size Onigiri lunchbox so that we might be able to use it for one of our picnic trip.(updated: 09 September 2008)

These are the collection of bento boxes for Reyon and myself. As you can see, all the Pooh design boxes are definitely belong to Reyon rather than me. Em.....maybe I can consists getting myself a set of the Hello Kitty Lunch Box :)

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